When the intimate moments in your life are challenging, painful, difficult or uncomfortable, they can infect every other moment of your life. It can feel frightening, overwhelming, or just downright frustrating trying to face sexual and relationship challenges. Are you considering divorce or separation? I can help you to make the right choice for you, without bias or judgment.


Whether feeling stuck depressed, anxious,ashamed, or angry, the hurdles we face in our own life can end up preventing us from being our truest self, but they can also prevent us from being our happiest self.

The good news is - you are not alone. And you weren’t meant to deal with these challenges alone. There is a way for each of us to rediscover happiness, desire, connection, and sexual fulfillment. A way for each of us to step out of the pain, the trauma, the compulsion or the fear that’s been holding us back, and to move into a life of sexual and relationship joy.

For a decade, I’ve been working as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Sexologist, counseling individuals and couples to help them to have more meaningful relationships. I have also counseled couples to help them decide to break up or divorce. Divorce happens. There shouldn’t be shame or stigma around it, but we can end a relationship thoughtfully. Sex and relationship help for couples and individuals, living any lifestyle, is my passion. Talking with me feels like talking to a good friend who cares deeply who also happens to be a sex and relationship therapist.


My work as therapist and coach is deeply personal and professional; I am living or have lived through what many of my clients are experiencing.

I consider myself to be beyond lucky to have studied with the best therapists in the world. I have been trained by Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs. She continues to give me guidance in my couples work. My clients are in good hands as they are overseen by the most esteemed couple’s therapist.

I have also been trained by the wonderful, Terry Real. He has shown me that egalitarianism in romantic relationships is of upmost importance for couples with power struggles (which show up in most of our relationships). Finally, I was trained and certified in Clinical Sexology by Dr. Patti Britton in Los Angeles, California, where I learned from the leading Sexologists and Sex Therapists in the field.


I am LGBTQIAP+ Positive. I welcome clients of all genders, sexual orientations, kink and BDSM, and designer relationships.

How Sex + Relationship Coaching Can Help You

I offer my services by phone, video conferencing, and in person. You can be anywhere in the world and still be able to get sex coaching (counseling) and the help you need to be the best version of yourself. You'll find that talking to me is a liberating experience. I have no need to judge or assess you, my only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow. 



COMMON Concerns include:

Power struggles• disconnection. loss of love. lack of passion. fighting. lack of trust. considering Divorce. Low or no sexual desire • Uneven desire in a relationship • Preorgasmic (unable to reach orgasm) • Dysparunia (painful sex) • Vaginismus • Sexual Inhibitions • Body Dysphoria • Social/dating skills deficit • Desire for enhanced pleasure • Sexless relationship • Conflicts about desire • Conflicting values about monogamy/affairs • Performing skills • deficit Body image concerns • Communication style conflicts • Negotiation skills deficit • Early Ejaculation • Delayed Ejaculation • Erectile Dysfunction•  BDSM/Kink Interests Polyamory Ethical non monogamy

Infidelity and most relationship concerns





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From in person sessions, to remote (Zoom, Skype) for busy new parents and non local clients, nothing should stand in the way of the health of your relationship and sex life. 

Sessions are 50 minutes. Payment is due at the time of an in-person session. For virtual and phone sessions payment is due 24 hours in advance.

CancelLation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24-hours before an appointment time otherwise the full service amount will be charged.

In Person

Los Angeles, California

For your convenience, I come to your home for sessions - a Sex and Relationship Coaching session held in person is the traditional route. These sessions are talk only. There is no physical contact between the Coach and clients. Don’t let the traffic or scheduling prohibit you from getting help.

Dayton, Ohio Dayton sessions are held in my downtown office. Home sessions are not available in Ohio.

By Phone

Anonymity can often make for very successful sex coaching sessions. If you feel shy, nervous or uncomfortably vulnerable when talking about sex, phone sessions just might be perfect for you.

Video Conference (virtual sessions)

Be in the comfort and convenience of your own space during a sex coaching session. Available to anyone, anywhere in the world from 9am-4pm East Coast Time Zone. 


"After having children both me and my husband had zero libido- no sex drive! Randi mentioned that she tries to make major changes within just a few sessions and she lived up to her word! My husband and I learned techniques to raise sexual energy and create more desire and actually have a libido again!

- Britt S.

"Within one session of working with Randi we had tools to take home and practice with! She was non-judgmental of our quirks and desires and my partner and I are already connecting intimately on a deeper level!"

- Karen T.

"Randi was dedicated to making our relationship stronger, sexually and non-sexually. We were able to change our sexual dynamic within just 3 sessions! My wife and I feel more connected than ever and our sex is out of this world."

- Dan and Julia S.

"Finding a coach that is sex positive and educated on gay sex is really difficult. Randi encouraged me to break out of my dating and sexual rut and I no longer feel guilty for my sexual desires. I was able to get past a lot of my past hurdles… I was able to meet a man that I fell in love with and we have happily been together since."

- Patrick V.

"Randi is one of a kind! Every therapist I have ever been to judged me for my polyamorous (and bisexual) lifestyle. Randi was so warm and open to my way of life. I was so comfortable sharing my challenges with her and… I was able to re-establish my sex life with my primary partner and our communication went to the next level. She knows her stuff!"

- Jessica R.



What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a modality of sexual healing to help people with sexual dysfunctions become sexually functional. This involves addressing the psychological barriers to sexual health and well-being as well as providing sexual education and correction of limiting or false beliefs around sex and sexuality. 

What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is a pathway for sexual growth. Sex Coaching is a client-focused approach that works with sexually functional individuals and couples to enable them to deepen and expand their experience of sex, love and intimacy.

Depending on the needs of the client, it may include ancient and esoteric teachings, sex education and instruction. The Coach helps the client to discover and enhance their own eroticism to create a love life that is one of ongoing growth and fulfillment.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a client-focused service where an essentially functional individual or couple is guided to create their desired relationship with effective support and information.

The Coach enables the client(s) to become clear about their needs, hopes and desires, and to develop understandings and strategies to achieve these in a mutually supportive way. While past hurts and history may be addressed, the focus is primarily on moving forward, with the aim of enabling ongoing personal and relationship growth. 


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